Sunday, December 25, 2016

Khas Makanan Papua dan Papua Barat

Special Region of Papua (Indonesian: Special Region Papua) is the Reviews largest and Easternmost province of Indonesia, Comprising most of western New Guinea. Papua is bordered by the nation of Papua New Guinea to the east, and by West Papua province to the west. Its capital is Jayapura. It was formerly called Irian Jaya (before that West Irian or Irian Barat) and comprised all of Indonesian New Guinea. In 2002 the current name was Adopted and in 2003 West Papua province was created from the western parts of Papua province.

Now we'll Know some of the food to be typical people of Papua :

1. Bapeda

Papeda is typical food of Papua and West Papua are made of sago. The shape papeda sago porridge is white with texture sticky like glue. papeda taste bland taste. Indeed papeda is a staple food. This Papeda served with tuna or mubara spiced saffron.

2. Cake Sagu Bagea

Bagea or sago cake is a traditional cake which is the eastern Indonesian food such as Palopo South Sulawesi, Manado, Bugis, Makasar, Maluku, North Maluku and Papua, West Papua.

Sago cake from Papua and West Papua has a hard texture and a bit hard bitten but if the cake is already in your mouth will turn out to be soft. Therefore eating sago cake with yellow fish sauce as papeda. The food is typical of Papua is sometimes filled with green beans.

3. Cake Lontar

Papua palm cake pie also known as milk. Papua typical cake is made of flour, milk and sugar soft textured and melted in the mouth. Very suitable to be consumed as a dessert after a meal papeda with tuna sauce.

4. Aunu Sanebre

Aunu senebre is typical food of Papua and West Papua are made from raw materials anchovy rice mixed with sliced ​​taro leaves. This food has a texture that does not dry. Sliced ​​taro leaves also add to the savory taste of aunu senebre. In Papua typical meal is usually eaten with a plate papeda or umbu tubers.

5. Grilled fish Manokwari

As the name implies, Ikan Bakar is a typical food Manokwari Manokwari, Papua. Unlike the usual grilled fish we find in most cafes or restaurants, grilled fish has a distinctive flavor that can make the tongue sway for extra sauce typical of Papua splashed on it. The fish are commonly used as food ingredients are tuna.

6. Fish Wrap Typical Papua

the typical Papua wrap is made from two materials that marine fish and taro leaves as material for wrapping. Seasoning spices typically used was only salt to give a salty taste and to eliminate the sap in taro leaves are used. Materials and little marinade and how to make it is very simple and easy. The first process clean the fish and then inserted into taro leaves and closed. Last burned over low heat until cooked. Ikan Bakar typical of Papua is more delicious served warm.

7. Aunuve Habre

Aunuve Habre is a typical food sakalang Papua namely fish, chopped wrapped in taro leaves and cooked with water and salt on the pan.

8. Shrimp Molester

The shrimp that one is very popular in the area of ​​Wamena, West Papua. Usually the cheating shrimp fried, boiled or can be burned, according to taste. Known cheating shrimp because shrimp shape is similar to crab claws.

9. Sate Ulat Sagu

Sate sago is is a typical food of Papua and West Papua. For we are not used to seeing pictures alone could eliminate the appetite there may even feel how so ya ?? but for the people of Papua and West Papua are already common, these foods into nutritious food.

10. Petatas

Well .. this food does exist elsewhere in Indonesia. But in Papua is known by the name of petatas. What it petatas ??  Turns petatas are sweet potatoes, is one of the staple food of the people of Papua and West Papua.

11. Martabak Sagu

In contrast to martabak in general, this martabak dasarmya materials such as sago. As a sweetness enhancer. brown sugar sauce poured over sago frying. There is no harm if you travel far to visit Papua in order to taste the typical food of this one. In addition to the unique texture, authentic food Fakfak has a different taste.

Similarly kitchen pal lover, 11 specialties Papua and West Papua that I can share. May be useful for a buddy who will visit Indonesia Special Province of Papua and West Papua. do not forget to the try eating. for further clarity can contact me