Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Recipes Rendang Padang

Recipes Rendang - Rendang or randang is spicy flavor of meat dishes which use a mixture of various herbs and spices. This cuisine is generated from heated cooking process repeated with coconut milk. Cooking process takes many hours (usually about four hours) to dry and solid black. At room temperature, rendang can last for weeks. Rendang is cooked in a shorter time and coconut milk called kalio not dry, light golden brown.

Rendang can be found in Padang Restaurant worldwide. The cuisine is popular among the people of Indonesia and other countries in Southeast Asia, such as Malaysia, Singapore, Brunei, the Philippines, and Thailand. In the region of origin, Minangkabau, rendang served in various ceremonies and special events. Though rendang is a Minangkabau traditional cuisine in general, each region in the Minangkabau has cooking techniques and the use of different herbs.

In 2011, rendang dish was named the first rank in the list of World's 50 Most Delicious Foods (50 dishes are the yummiest World) held by CNN International.

Ingredients :
  1. 500 grams of beef, cut into 10
  2. 600 ml thick coconut milk, from 1.5 coconuts
  3. 300 grams of baby potato
  4. 5 tablespoons cooking oil
  5. 300 ml water

Ground spices:
  1. 10 pieces of red pepper slices
  2. 6 eggs under the red
  3. 3 cloves garlic
  4. 3 cm turmeric
  5. 3 cm ginger
  6. 3 cm galangal
  7. 1 tablespoon salt

  1. 1 sheet turmeric leaf
  2. 1 stalk lemongrass
  3. 2 eggs kandis acid

How to make :
  • Saute the ingredients until fragrant, put the meat, stir until it changes color. Enter turmeric leaf, lemongrass, and kandis acid. Stir gently.
  • Pour the water and enter the baby potato. Cook until the water is shrinking. Stir gently occasionally.
  • Enter the coconut milk and cook over medium heat. Leave until the meat is tender, the sauce was dry, and oily. Remove and serve.